About the Artist


Hi! It's so good to meet you and I'm so thankful you have stumbled across my page. Whether you're here intentionally or you found yourself somehow down this bunny trail, I'm just happy you are here! My name is Natalia James and I'm a self-taught, abstract artist and designer and of course, PHO obsessed.  I could probably eat that every day if my husband were to let me.  It wasn't until moving to Bloomington, MN that I've really focused on creating for others, as well as for myself.  I found myself drawn to abstract art after my diagnoses of depression and anxiety. I'm a firm believer that art is meant to be shared with the world, and that creativity is truly a beautiful gift that we are called to cultivate and foster- both in ourselves and in others. It is my hope and dream that you find beauty and inspiration here in my little corner of the internet.  We are so grateful to have you here and look forward to filling your home with beautiful creations by yours truly!