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Hi I'm Natalia James, an artist who finds solace and inspiration in the interplay of acrylics, water, and texture. My journey in the realm of art has been one of constant exploration, self-discovery, and a deep passion for conveying the ever-shifting currents of life through my creations.

Working predominantly with acrylics and water, I am endlessly fascinated by the dance between these mediums. With every brushstroke and blend, I strive to encapsulate the energy, the rhythm, and the fleeting moments that shape our existence. Through my pieces, I aim to convey not just the visual beauty of a scene but also the emotions and stories that accompany it. It's as though I'm inviting viewers to step into a world where colors converge, emotions collide, and life's ever-changing symphony is frozen in time.

As an artist, I have come to embrace change not just in my art but in life as well. The canvas reflects life's fluidity, its twists and turns, and the unexpected surprises that shape our journey. Just as life's challenges and transitions have taught me the importance of adaptability and resilience, my art too has evolved through the storms and sunny days. Each brushstroke, layer, and canvas reflects a part of my own growth, reminding me that even the most difficult changes can lead to remarkable transformations.

Thank you for joining me on this artistic expedition, where we celebrate not only the beauty of the moment but also the courage to embrace the changes that make us who we are.


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